Developing File Transfer and Attached Documents: Process Overview

The following are the high-level tasks in implementing the file transfer and attached documents functionality in an Agentry mobile application. Each of these items is discussed in detail in the series of procedures provided after this overview. Refer back to this overview of tasks as a check list of tasks when implementing this functionality.
  1. Define the object that encapsulates the files to be transferred and attached (hereafter generically referred to as the “file object”) within the mobile application project.
  2. Define the downstream synchronization logic to retrieve the files from the back end system for storage on the client.
  3. Define the user interface behaviors for view files stored within a given parent object, and any related behaviors for those files, including viewing.
  4. Define any transactions to add files to a parent object on the Agentry Client.
  5. Define the upstream synchronization for files attached to documents on the client.
  6. Define the logic, transactions, and upstream synchronization for files to be updated to the back end when they have been modified on the client after having been downloaded from the back end.

Note that if any of the functionality related to one or more of the above procedures is not to be a part of the mobile application it is not necessary to perform that procedure. For example, if users will not be modifying the files downloaded from the back end on the client, it is unnecessary to define the logic and transactions to check for such changes.