Tagging: Applying Public Tags to Definitions


The following items must be addressed prior to performing this procedure:
  • The Agentry application project containing the definitions to be tagged must be open in the Agentry Perspective.
  • The tag to apply must exist within the Agentry application project.
  • The tag cannot currently be applied to the definition.


This procedure describes the steps necessary to apply a public tag to a definition within the Agentry application project. It also describes the process of recursively applying the same tag to multiple definitions. When this procedure is complete the definition(s) will include the selected tag and can be organized or selected in various operations by this tag.


  1. Display the definition to be tagged in the Properties View. Click the down arrow for the tag button.

    This displays a menu of options related to tagging the current definition and includes a list of all public tags for the current project:

  2. A tag can now be applied to the current definition, or to the current definition and all its descendents.
    1. To apply a tag to the current definition only, select it in the menu.

      The tag is now applied to the current definition and displayed in the Tag Bar at the bottom of the Properties View.

    2. To apply a tag recursively to the current definition and all its descendents, select the menu item Recursively Add.

      This displays the Tag Definitions screen listing the available tags on the left and the definitions under the current definition. Below the list of definitions is the check box to Select all dependencies of the current definition. Selecting this option will tag not only all descendents of the current definition, but also all definitions dependent on it, i.e., those definitions that reference it in some way. Note that this same screen is displayed when choosing to recursively remove tags:

    3. Select the tag to apply on the left of the screen. In the tree control, the default selection is the current definition and all its descendents. Definitions can be unchecked to not apply a tag to that definition. Once the tag and definitions are selected, click the [OK] button to apply the tag recursively.

      The selected tag(s) is applied to all the selected definitions. The Properties View for all selected definitions now displays the tag in the Tag Bar at the bottom of the view:


The selected definition or definitions now contain the selected public tag or tags. These public tags are displayed at the bottom of the Properties View for all affected definitions.

Next Steps

The tags can be selected in export operations to select the definitions to export by public tag. Commit operations to a share repository will include this tag information.