Branding Agentry Installers

Use NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) to rebrand installers.


In order to brand the Client installers, you must install Microsoft’s Cabwiz.exe on your system.


NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) is a professional open source system that is used to create Windows installers. Use this software, and perform these main steps to create branded installers for the Agentry Client:


  1. Download and install Nullsoft NSIS.
    1. Open a browser, and navigate to http://nsis.sourceforge.netInformation published on non-SAP site.
    2. From the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System Main Page, click Download under “Latest NSIS release.” An NSIS setup file is downloaded to your computer.
    3. Run the nsis-<version>-setup.exe.

      Note the location where you installed the NSIS files because you need this information in a later step.

    After you run the NSIS setup program, a full set of NSIS files is installed on your computer. Typically, you will put the NSIS folder inside your Program Files folder. Be sure to note the location because you will need the full path information when you build the branded installer.

  2. Create the branding source. The same Agentry installers that are used to install the products are used to create the branding installer sources for the Client.
    1. To create the branding Client installer source, run ClientWinCE_Branding_sdk.exe. Use the switch “/Branding=<folder name>” to put the branding Client installer into a folder of your choice. Replace <folder name> with a full path for the folder.
    2. When creating a Client installer source, you must also build CAB files for each supported device, and for each supported scanner. To do this in a single step, run the command script cabs/BuildCabs.cmd. In order to run the Cabs script, you must have Microsoft’s Cabwiz.exe installed.

    These steps create all the files necessary to complete the customization of the Client installer.

  3. Customize the installers. Once you have the branding source files, you are ready to use those files to modify items such as the company name, product name, and installer names. You must customize the installers for the Client .nsi file, as necessary.
    1. Optionally, make a copy of the AgentryClientWinCE.nsi file.
    2. Open the .nsi file in a text editor, and follow the instructions in the file to modify the common items. These items include product name, company name, installer name, company URL, and the uninstaller executable name.

    Your modified .nsi file should now contain all custom branding details for your Client installer.

  4. Once you have downloaded and customized the Agentry Client .nsi file, you must recompile the installer to incorporate the branded files.
    1. Open a Command Prompt and follow the instructions to compile the installer.
      An example of the command for the Client installer:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\nsis\makensis.exe /DgPlatform=Win32 /DBranding=c:\MK_BrandingFiles\MK_Client_Branding.nsi AgentryClient.nsi
    2. Re-run theClient installer, and verify that your custom modifications display properly in the applicable installation Wizard.


You now have branded installers for the Agentry Client.

Next Steps

If you want to do more extensive branding, such as adding your company logo, see the Nullsoft Web site for programming instructions.