Complex Table Data Tags

The synchronization components for complex tables have specific data tags available providing information about the definition and its current data. These include whether or not the table is in a rebuild state, the last update date and time indicating when the table was last synchronized on the client, and the name of the table. These tags are in addition to those that are globally available.

Tag Description
<<name>> Returns the internal name of the complex table definition as entered in the application project.
<<rebuild>> Returns true or false, indicating whether or not the table is in a rebuild state. This is intended for use in synchronization to determine if the synchronization should retrieve only modifications to the table’s data, or if all records for the table should be retrieved. Returns true when a change to the complex table definition has been published to the Agentry Server; if the synchronization logic includes the data tag <<user.agentryID>> and the value of that tag changes from the previous transmit; or if the tables force reload logic indicates the table should be in a rebuild state.
<<lastUpdate>> Returns the date and time provided by the client when the complex table was last synchronized. By default this value is provided by the Agentry Server based on a query of the back end system. However, synchronization of the complex table should include retrieving this value with the table’s data. The latest date and time retrieved during that process will be used as the complex table’s last update value. This tag supports the use of the named parameter format to format the time and date using date and time tokens.