This function has been deprecated and will not be supported in future releases. It should be replaced in all existing rule definitions with SCREENFIELDVALUE. The UI function takes a single parameter that is the field index for the currently displayed screen and returns the value of that field. The field index is a 0-based index. The parameter must be between 0 and the total number of field definitions on the current screen minus 1.

The value of the specified field is evaluated in the context of the function call. The UI function supports the Boolean, integral number, decimal number, string, and property return types.


    @UI (Field Index)
  • Field Index Required integral number parameter; specifies the field on the current detail screen by its index whose current value is to be returned. This is a 0-based index, with the first field at index 0 and the last field at the index position equal to the total number of fields on the screen minus 1. Index numbering occurs from left to right and top to bottom.

Supported Return Types

  • Boolean
  • Integral Number
  • Decimal Number
  • String
  • Property