The LT function takes two or more integral number parameters, comparing the second through last parameters with the first and returning true if the first parameter is less than all subsequent parameters. If any subsequent parameter is found to be equal to or less than the first parameter the function will return false. It will not evaluate any subsequent parameters. If only a single parameter is provided this function will return true.


    @LT (Integer 1 [, ..., Integer N])
  • Integer 1 Required integral number parameter, contains the value to which all other parameters will be compared.
  • Integer N Optional integral number parameter(s), each containing a value to be compared against Integer 1. If Integer 1 is greater than or equal to this parameter, the function returns false and will not evaluate any subsequent parameters. If Integer 1 is less than this parameter, the function will continue to evaluate any additional parameters, or return true of no other parameters are provided.

Supported Return Types