Step Type: SQL Query

A SQL Query step is defined for a SQL Database system connection and contains the SQL logic to be processed by SAP Mobile Platform Server for a database back-end system. The logic for a SQL Query step is contained in a text file with a .sql extension. The contents of this file are processed by SAP Mobile Platform Server prior to submission to the database for execution. This preprocessing includes expanding any SDML tags. The results from this expansion must be a valid SQL statement for the target database type.

The contents of the query file for this step type may be accessed directly on the Agentry Development Server for the application project. The file path listed for this file is relative to the installation location of this Server. If this file is modified it is not necessary to publish the application project for the change to be exhibited. In a production environment this file is not directly accessible in this manner and must be modified through the Agentry Editor. Changes made in a production environment must be published.

SQL Query Step Attributes

  • Name: Contains the unique internal name of the step definition. This value must be unique among all step definitions within the same module.
  • Connection: This attribute references the system connection for which the step is defined. This attribute is set when the step is initially created and cannot be modified. For a SQL Query step this must be a SQL Database system connection type.
  • File: This attribute contains the path and file name of the .sql file containing the step’s SQL statement. This path is relative to the path

    where ServerDirectory is the installation location of the Agentry Development Server.