Data Table Selection Property Type

The data table selection property type is used to store a selection made from a data table. The value stored in a data table selection property is the code field of the selected data table record. This value will always be a string data type.

The data table selection property type includes display options for its value within the definition. Whenever this property type is displayed, the entire data table record may be displayed for its code. Also, only the code field or the value field may be displayed. Which is shown on the client is defined within the data table selection property definition.

It is important to note that it is not a requirement that a value selected from a data table be stored in a data table selection property. It is only one of the options available, and other property data types may be used for this purpose.

Data Table Selection Property Attributes

  • Name: This is the unique identifier for the property definition. This value must be unique among all properties within the same parent definition.
  • Display Name: This attribute sets the default display name to label or otherwise identify the property value on the Client. This will also be the default label for any screen control that displays this property.
  • Data Table: This attribute specifies the data table from which the selection will be made for the value stored in the property. Only selections for the data table definition chosen here can be stored in the property. The data table definition selected here must exist within the application prior to defining this property type.
  • Display Type: This attribute specifies how the selected data table record stored in the property will be displayed. The options are to display the code field, value field, or code and value field of the selected data table record; or to specify format text.
  • Format Text: This attribute is available only when Display Type is set to “Format Text.” It specifies the format string to display the selected data table record stored in the property. This attribute may contain any printable characters plus the format strings %code and %value.