Complex Table Selection Property Type

The complex table selection property type is used to store a selection made by the user from a complex table. The value stored in a complex table selection property is the key field of the selected record within the complex table. The data type of this value will be a string, integral number, or decimal number, based on the data type of the key field.

The complex table selection contains a single attribute specific to the data type named complex table. The setting of this attribute specifies the complex table definition that is the source for the property.

The value contained within a complex table selection property requires a brief explanation of complex tables. Complex tables are made up of records. The records are made up of multiple fields. Within the complex table definition, indexes are defined on the fields to allow users to search the table. Each complex table is required to contain a unique index, which is defined for the field that contains the unique value for each record. The complex table selection property will contain the value of this field for the record selected by the user.

Complex Table Selection Property Attributes

  • Name: This is the unique identifier for the property definition. This value must be unique among all properties within the same parent definition.
  • Display Name: This attribute sets the default display name to label or otherwise identify the property value on the Agentry Client. This will also be the default label for any screen control that displays this property.
  • Complex Table: This attribute specifies the complex table definition within the application that the property will use. Only selections from the complex table specified here can be stored in the property. The complex table definition must exist and contain at least one field and the primary index before it may be selected for the Complex Table attribute of the property definition.