Installing the Agentry ActiveX SDK

Install the Agentry ActiveX SDK when you are developing ActiveX controls for use on Agentry Windows Mobile clients.


  • Understanding of the development of ActiveX controls, and interprocess communications in Agentry Windows Mobile client environments.
  • Install this SDKwhere needed for development work, for example, the same host system as the IDE or other development tool set, or to a file share or network drive that is accessible to these tools.


  1. Launch the installer program by executing Agentry_7.0.x.x_SDK.exe.
    The file is located in the Agentry Toolkit folder in the SAP Mobile Platform SDK installation directory.
  2. Click Next on the first screen, Welcome to the Agentry Software Development Kit Setup Wizard.
  3. Accept the license agreement.
  4. Specify the location in which to install the SDK resources.
  5. Click Install, then finish the wizard when prompted by the last screen.


Once the SDK has been installed, the resulting files are found in two distinct folders within the installation location you selected.
  • Agentry ActiveX
  • Agentry External Process

You can move or copy these resources to other locations as needed to include in development projects.