Agentry Open UI for Windows Setup Information

To use Open UI SDK for the Windows client, the setup is straightforward.

To create a project, you must first install the standard Agentry .NET Client. If installing the client to Program Files, you must have administrator privileges. Alternately you can install the client to a directory for which you have privileges, such as your user directory.

Within the installation folder for the client, there is the AgentryClientSDK.dll assembly. In this same folder, create a sub-folder named CustomControls.

Within the supported version of Visual Studio, create a project targeting the .NET <x.x> Framework. You must add a reference to the AgentryClientSDK.dll assembly.

To create your custom control, it must implement the AgentryClientSDK.ICustomAgentryControl interface. The Agentry Client sets the DataContext property of your custom control to an object that implements the Agentry SDK interface and that corresponds to the type of control.

Once you build your custom control, copy the assembly into the CustomControls folder of the Agentry Client installation for testing. Also, copy the assembly into the CustomControls folder of the Agentry Editor (Eclipse) installation for testing the client in the integrated Agentry test environment. To deploy, you can bundle the Agentry Client installer to include the custom controls using the Agentry Client Branding SDK.