Agentry OpenUI SDK for Android Setup Overview

The Agentry OpenUI SDK for Android clients is included with the SAP Mobile Platform SDK. It is in a single ZIP archive, generally referred to as the Agentry Client framework, and can be used to create a development project within a Java IDE. SAP used Eclipse and the Java programming language to create these resources.

Also included in this framework is a sample project with basic overrides of each detail screen field edit type provided as examples.

To create the project, you must have the following tools installed:
  • Android Studio

  • Android SDK ‒ API versions 23 and 19
  • Java SDK

Once you download and install the Android Studio development environment, you can import the projects provided in the Agentry Client framework archive for OpenUI directly into Android Studio. Once you've done this, you can begin developing the custom controls needed for your mobile application.

Setup for Android Rebranding Only

You can use Android Studio to rebrand the Agentry Client for Android. No special setup is required.

Framework Contents

The resources for the OpenUI SDK are in the Agentry Client framework, which is found in This archive and the resources it contains includes all functionality of the Agentry Client for Android and also includes the OpenUI SDK to allow for the detail screen fields to be overridden with custom controls; as well as exposing the necessary resources to rebrand the Agentry Client.

The framework contains the following directory structure, relative to the base directory into which it is extracted:
		Agentry application project corresponding to the Java sample project
		Beginning of the folder structure in which the sample project and extensions are contained.
	Location of the project containing the buildable resources that produce the standard Agentry
Client for Android