Agentry OpenUI SDK for iOS Setup Overview

The Agentry OpenUI for iOS clients is the Agentry Client framework for iOS devices, and uses the native Objective C programming language. It is provided as a single TGZ file, and can be used to create a development project within the Xcode IDE on Mac systems.

When creating the project within Xcode, you can do either of the following:
  • Use a prebuilt sample project, which supports easier and quicker project setup, and is the recommended method when creating a new Agentry Xcode project. The prebuilt project contains all the necessary Agentry Client framework resources:
    • SMPAgentryClientFrameworkSetup ‒ an empty Xcode project that includes all necessary Agentry Framework resources. You can use it to start developing a new application or to prototype sample adapters easily.
    • SMPAgentryClientFrameworkDemo ‒ an Xcode project with sample adapters for our extensible fields, demo data, and an Agentry application. Use this project to learn about the extension mechanisms and classes.
  • To use an existing project or to upgrade an existing Agentry Xcode project, you can manually create the project in Xcode and add the new Agentry Client framework resources.

Framework Contents

The resources for the OpenUI SDK are included in the Agentry Client framework, which is found in SMPAgentryClientFramework-iOS-70.x.x.tgz. This library and the resources it contains includes all functionality of the Agentry Client for iOS and includes the OpenUI SDK to allow for the detail screen fields to be overridden with custom controls; as well as exposing the necessary resources to rebrand the Agentry Client. Due to limitations with Apple’s current support of dynamic frameworks, this framework is intended to be statically linked to the application.

The framework static library supports armv7 and arm64 architectures, as well as i386 processors, so you can test Agentry applications on both simulators and devices. The framework contains the following directory structure after it has been expanded:
  • /SMPAgentryClientFramework/iOS
    • /SMPAgentryClient.framework
      • /Versions
        • /<Current>/Headers
          • /SMPOpenUI (Headers needed for adapters and models of SMPOpenUI)
          • /SMPDataAPI (Headers needed for SMPDataAPI)
        • /<Current>/Resources
          • SMPAgentryClientResources.bundle (Image, sound, and other resources)
        • /<Current>/SMPAgentryClient (The static library containing the iOS Agentry Client code)
    • /Samples (Xcode sample projects)
      • /SMPAgentryClientFrameworkDemo
      • /SMPAgentryClientFrameworkSetup
    • /SampleApp (Sample application)
      • OpenUI-app.agxz ‒ definitions for the sample application exported from Agentry Editor.
      • OpenUIPlayersDB.txt ‒ sample data in SQL query format ready to populate a sample back-end database.