Setting Up the Development Environment for Agentry Toolkit

The Agentry Toolkit includes components for creating Agentry applications. These components are intended for developers, implementers, and administrators.

With the exception of the Agentry SAP Framework Foundation, all Agentry components are installed as part of the SAP Mobile Platform SDK. You can find the Agentry developer resources in the Agentry installation folders.

Agentry Editor

The Agentry Editor is a point-and-click development environment for building new, or modifying existing Clients.

File location for 64-bit build: <SDK_HOME>\AgentryToolkit\AgentryEditors\

Agentry Test Environment

The Agentry test environment plug-in is installed automatically as part of Agentry Editor. The Agentry test environment provides an Agentry Client that runs in a testing and monitoring interface. This interface provides tools that let you inspect data stored on the client device, including objects, transactions, complex tables, and data tables. You can debug actions and transactions as they are executed or instantiated. The environment lets you test client-side behavior of hardware features such as barcode scanners and GPS units. The Agentry test environment can also mimic various client device types and form factors.

Agentry OpenUI SDK

File locations:
  • Agentry OpenUI SDK for Android: AgentryToolkit\AgentryOpenUISDK\
  • Agentry OpenUI SDK for iOS: AgentryToolkit\AgentryOpenUISDK\SMPAgentryClientFramework-iOS-70.x.x.tgz
  • Agentry OpenUI SDK for Windows, sample project only: AgentryToolkit\AgentryOpenUISDK\

The Agentry OpenUI SDK is available for Android, iOS, and Windows client platforms. You can create custom controls for the Agentry Client that override the standard field edit types at runtime.

For Android and iOS, the client framework archives provide the resources for developing custom controls using the OpenUI SDK. For Windows devices, a project is created in Visual Studio targeting the supported version of .NET Framework, which uses reflection to obtain information about the loaded assemblies for the OpenUI interface.

Additionally, for Android, rebranding of the Agentry Client is handled through Android Studio. For iOS, the SDK provides the necessary interface to support rebranding. Rebrand Windows clients using the Agentry Device Client Branding SDK.

Agentry Java API

File location:
  • Agentry Java API: AgentryToolkit\AJAPI\Agentry-v5.jar
  • Agentry Java API Javadoc: AgentryToolkit\AJAPI\

The Agentry Java API enables development of mobile applications with a Java system connection. This API provides the interface between the server and the Java synchronization logic to support passing data between the two, and also provides state, user, and other runtime information. Base classes for step definition logic, complex table, and data table synchronization logic are included in the API and can be extended by the logic that is specifically written to the mobile application. The Agentry Java API is contained in a single JAR file. The ZIP archive contains the associated Javadoc content, which can be referenced as a resource within the Eclipse Java project.

Agentry Branding SDK for Agentry Windows Mobile Client

File location:
  • Agentry Windows Mobile Client Branding SDK: AgentryToolKit\BrandingSDK\Agentry_ClientWinCE_Branding.exe
  • Windows WPF and Windows desktop: The Branding SDK is provided from the standard client installers for each these, with special command line switches provided during execution.
Install the rebranding resources for the target Windows devices:
  • For Windows desktops and tablets, run the installer with the specified command line arguments. This may either be the Agentry Client installer for Windows 7 desktop or earlier, or the .NET Windows Client installer for Windows 8 desktops and tablets.
  • For Windows mobile devices, install the Agentry Branding SDK, which provides the necessary resources to rebrand and package the Agentry Client executable for your application.

Agentry SAP Framework Foundation and Related Resources

This component is not included in the SAP Mobile Platform SDK, but is available on the SAP Service Marketplace. You need this component if you are developing a new Client for an existing SAP system from the ground up.

The Agentry SAP Framework Foundation is an ABAP add-on that is installed on the SAP system with which the mobile application is to connect and synchronize. It provides the framework within which the needed synchronization support for the mobile application is implemented. This includes exchange data model components such as triggers, mobile data objects, rules, filters, and other similar pieces.

Agentry ActiveX SDK

Install the Agentry ActiveX SDK when you are developing ActiveX controls for use on Agentry Windows Mobile clients, or when you are developing interprocess communications between the Agentry Client and another process running on the mobile device.