Coupon Types

Every coupon has a coupon type. Therefore, before you can create or upload any coupons, you must create a coupon type. A coupon type defines the coupon issuer, name, category, and description.

Menu Description
Main Defines the coupon issuer, issue dates, price, code type, and other attributes.
Description Details of the coupon type in multiple languages and formats. You can edit or delete a description.
Keyword Searchable tags assigned to the coupon type.
Categories Categories assigned to the coupon type
Generate Delivers a code that is rendered on a smartphone as a bar code, or delivered as a binary image. A coupon code is checked upon redemption; the code is directly bound to the coupon. Coupons always have a coupon code and a serial number.
Batches Uploads a batch of coupons to a CSV file format. Each batch must contain one or more coupons, which must belong to the same coupon type. You must manually activate a new coupon batch before you can use it.
Locations A list of geolocation coordinates for each customer type. Use these geolocations, along with radius information, to prioritize search results for a user.
Assign Assigns coupons to one or more customers, depending on the coupon quantity. Users can search for public coupons using their mobile phones.