Testing the Delta Query Service

Test the delta query functionality of the BusinessPartner entity type.


  1. Start the Gateway client by calling the /IWFND/GW_CLIENT transaction.
  2. Enter this URI to test your implementation:


    You should see a response that contains all business partners. Near the end of the XML document is a delta token (yours has a different ID):
    <link rel="delta" href="BusinessPartners?
    !deltatoken='20130807073741'" />
  3. Renter the URI from step 2, and add the delta token from the response to the end of the URI.
    The URI should look similar to:


  4. Click Execute.
    The response contains no business partner entities, because the delta query functionality returns only entities that were created, changed, or deleted since the last query, and since no changes were made, no entities are returned.
  5. Change a business partner, and execute the URI from step 3.
    The response should contain one business partner entity, the one that you changed.