If a data request includes a delta token, the GET_ENTITYSET_DELTA method is called to manage the request. The method returns only those entities that have been created or changed since the token was issued.

To provide delta-query support, you must implement the <Entity>_GET_ENTITYSET_DELTA method, which is called when a client provides a delta token in a request. A delta token typically includes a date-time stamp and a globally unique identifier (GUID). When a client initially requests an entity set, the entire collection is returned, including a delta token. Clients must persist delta tokens, and pass them on subsequent calls to the GET_ENTITYSET_DELTA method. For changed records, the results include all changed fields, and may optionally contain additional unchanged fields from the record. If no records have been changed since the first request, the response contains no records.

In an SAP Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) system, there are multiple ways to implement the GET_ENTITYSET_DELTA method, depending on the object type being tracked, for example, by using:
  • Request logs
  • Syclo exchange tables
  • Custom-extended exchange tables