Create, Update, and Delete Entities

Implement CREATE_ENTITY, UPDATE_ENTITY, and DELETE_ENTITY methods, which replace SAP Mobile Platform 2.<x> MBO equivalent operations.

You can modify the MBO definition with create, update, and delete operations, and map them to insert, update, or delete MBO records on the client to respective BAPI operations that are called and executed on the SAP backend. An OData service provides equivalent functionality by leveraging REST compliant, HTTP based requests using the POST, PUT, and DELETE methods to create, update, or delete entities respectively.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway exposes such OData services and provides an OData channel runtime API that can be used to implement the create, update, and delete operations on the ABAP back-end. The ABAP interface /IWBEP/IF_MGW_APPL_SRV_RUNTIME is the central runtime interface implemented by every data provider class of a gateway exposed OData service. It contains all the relevant methods for creating, updating, and deleting entities, as well as those used for retrieving or downloading data (for example, GET_ENTITYSET). For create, update, and delete operations, the relevant methods are: