Unauthenticated Pages

Unauthenticated pages present login options.

An unauthenticated sign-on page displays options and information for users to:
  • Provide credentials for authentication
  • Assign a temporary password
  • Chang temporary passwords after successful logins, and before entering authenticated applications
  • View global application error pages

Unauthenticated Page Structure

Figure 22: Structure of Unathenticated Sign-on Page

The hierarchy of unauthenticated pages mimics that of Wicket pages. The base page for all Wicket Web UI applications is defined by the MobiliserBasePage class. The BaseLoginPage class extends MobiliserBasePage, and provides:
  • A language selector for changing UI text labels
  • An extension point for the unauthenticated page type
  • A standard unauthenticated footer
The classes that define the unauthenticated application pages, and extend BaseLoginPage are:
  • ApplicationLoginPage
  • ForgotPasswordPage
  • ChangeTempPinPage
  • TechnicalErrorPage