Deploying State Bundles

To deploy custom-state bundles, make the files available to SMS Builder at runtime, and configure the states to start automatically.


  1. Copy the bundle .jar files to <SMSBUILDER_HOME>\bundle\application.

    This directory contains all the bundles that are deployed to the runtime environment.

  2. Edit the <SMSBUILDER_HOME>\conf\ file to add the new custom-state file to the list of bundles that are started automatically. = ${}\customState-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

    All state bundles are listed in the file. SMS Builder reinitializes its bundle cache each time it starts.

  3. Restart the server.
    To verify that no errors occurred, check these log files:
    • brand.log
    • felix.log
    • spring.log
    • persist.log
    If there are errors, check the Spring configuration and the \import\private\dynamic package specifications.

Next Steps

To verify that bundles resolve and start, use either Telnet or the AIMS System Web console (both require access to localhost).