State SDK Core Components

You can use State SDK core components when developing custom states. Each component is an OSGi bundle. These components are deployed with SMS Builder, so you need not redeploy them with custom-state components.

Plug-in APIs

The Plug-in APIs include APIs for states, state attributes, and data access objects.

Apache Maven:
<artifactId> mobiliser-brand-plugin-api</artifactId>   
<name>AIMS :: Object :: SMS Builder Plug-in - API</name> 

File name: mobiliser-brand-plugin-api-1.3.1.jar

State SDK

The State SDK contains state implementation base classes, state input and output controls, and helper classes.

Apache Maven:
<artifactId> mobiliser-brand-state-sdk</artifactId>   
<name>AIMS :: Object :: SMS Builder Plug-in - State SDK</name> 

File name: mobiliser-brand-state-sdk-1.3.1.jar


The Security APIs support encryption functionality that states use.

Apache Maven:
<artifactId> mobiliser-brand-security</artifactId>   
<name>AIMS :: Object :: SMS Builder Security</name> 

File name: mobiliser-brand-security-1.3.1.jar

Core Objects

Apache Maven:
<artifactId> mobiliser-brand-core</artifactId>   
<name>AIMS :: Object :: SMS Builder Core Objects</name> 

File name: mobiliser-brand-core-1.3.1.jar

Persistence APIs and Models

Apache Maven:
<artifactId> mobiliser-brand-jpa</artifactId>   
<name>AIMS :: Object :: SMS Builder Persistence</name>

File name: mobiliser-brand-jpa-1.3.1.jar