Developing Custom Application States

Custom state development using the State SDK is a Java development task you can perform with or without a development IDE, such as Eclipse or NetBeans. After you develop and deploy custom states, you can use them to develop applications.

Before proceeding with custom state development, verify that:
  • The development environment meets system requirements—see published on SAP site.
  • SMS Builder is installed on the development machine. SMS Builder is required to access State SDK bundles for custom state development, and to deploy and test custom states through the development process.
Third-party software mechanisms that custom states can use include:
  • Spring Framework – for application context and dependency injection.
  • Spring Dynamic Modules (Spring DM) – for abstracting OSGi mechanisms.
  • OSGi Services – for software-service publication and consumption.
  • OSGi Configuration Admin – for container-based configuration of services and components.