Get Subscriber State

Gets subscriber information from a selected subscriber list. The subscriber's MSISDN is retrieved from the session variable MSISDN. Up to 20 subscriber attributes can be retrieved and assigned to session variables.

Input Variables

  • <Subscriber Set> – select a subscriber set from a list.
  • <Subscriber MSISDN> – unique key for retrieving a subscriber's attributes.

Output Variables

<Attribute 1>, <Attribute 2>, ... <Attribute 20> – up to 20 subscriber attributes can be assigned to these session variables.

Follow-up State – OK

Subscriber attributes successfully retrieved.

Follow-up State – Fail

Error while retrieving attributes, possibly because:
  • MSISDN does not exist.
  • Unrecoverable system error, such as database-connection failure.

Follow-up State – Dynamic

Not applicable.

State Editor

This Get Subscriber state retrieves the attributes for the subscriber identified by MSISDN, from the testList subscriber set, and saves attribute values in the output variables.

Get Subscriber State Editor


The Get Subscriber state is typically used with the Process Subscriber state.

Get Subscriber State Usage