Process Subscriber State

In event applications, the Process Subscriber state typically retrieves a subscriber from a subscriber set, passes the subscriber information to the Send SMS state, then either returns to get the next subscriber, or ends the application.

Input Variables

Subscriber Set – select a subscriber set from the list.

Output Variables


Follow-up State – OK

A subscriber is available to process.

Follow-up State – Fail

The event-window processing terminates, because of database connection errors, or other unexpected errors.

Follow-up State – Dynamic

  • END – the end date for the event window has been reached.
  • FINISH – processing terminates because the event window ends.
  • COMPLETE – no unprocessed subscribers remain in the list.

State Editor

This sample state processes subscribers in the testList subscriber set. When it successfully retrieves a subscriber from the set, it calls Send Event Message.

Process Subscriber State Editor


Event applications only.


This example shows how a simple static-message push campaign gets a subscriber from a set, and sends a message.

Process Subscriber State Usage

Process Subscriber State Usage Editor

Send SMS Push Campaign