Application Call State

Calls another application as a subroutine. The called application has access to session variables, and returns control to the current (calling) application.

Input Variables

Application – select an application in the list. All applications in the list are active in the current workspace.

Output Variables


Follow-up State – OK

Not applicable.

Follow-up State – Fail

Not applicable.

Follow-up State – Dynamic

Uses the return value from the Application Call Return state to select which transition to follow.

State Editor

The return value from the called application determines the follow-up state. In the example below:
  • SUCCESS calls Get Agent Information.
  • FAILURE calls Invalid Agent Code Format.

Application Call State Editor


Interactive applications only.


In this example, customers enter a 6-digit code that identifies an agent, and the code is validated. Because this is a common task, you may want to write the validation procedure as a separate application that returns a status code. Using multiple follow-up states, you can link the return value to the appropriate follow-up state.

Application Call State Usage Editor

Application Call State Usage