Copy Variables State

Copies a constant or the value of a source variable to a session variable.

Input Variables

Source – the source from which to copy. If source is the name of a session variable, select the check box. Otherwise, the application assumes the value of source is a constant.

Output Variables

Destination – name of the destination session variable. If the session variable does not already exist, it is created.

Follow-up State – OK

Successfully copied the source to the destination variable.

Follow-up State – Fail

Failed to copy the source to the destination variable, usually because the source variable does not exist.

Follow-up State – Dynamic

Not applicable.

State Editor

This example copies the value of the session variable CUST_BALANCE into the session variable PRE_REMIT_BALANCE.

Copy Variables State


Session variables are also set in these circumstances:
  • If you specify a value surrounded by parentheses in the Expression field for a follow-up state, and specify the session variable name in the Assign To field.
  • If a state returns values, they are copied to session variables, so they are accessible by follow-up states.


In the sample application below, the customer balance is retrieved twice, before and after calling the transaction. The customer balance is stored in a session variable called Balance. To prevent overwriting the pretransaction balance with the posttransaction balance, the application copies the pre-transaction balance into another session variable before calling Get New Balance. If Copy Customer Balance fails, Get Customer Balance is called again.

Copy Variables State Usage