Skinning Calendar Views

You can add a custom look and feel to the calendar views either by defining custom subviews, or by using the Skin Manager.

Defining Custom Subviews

You can replace subviews with code level modifications. This example shows how to add an icon to day cells that indicate a holiday in the month view. After you have obtained a a reference to the MAF Calendar month view, set a custom view provider for your calendar control view:
public void onCreate(...) {
	// inflate the view that embedded the segmented list view

	// obtain reference to the list view
MAFCalendarMonthView monthView = (MAFCalendarMonthView) findViewById( monthView);
// set a custom view provider
	monthView.setViewProvider(new MyViewProvider);
	// set the data provider
	IMAFCalendarDataProvider dataProvider = new MyAppointmentDataProvider();

	// set the time frame to show appointments in. 
	// ...

Set a MyViewProvider instance as the custom view provider. This class implements the IMAFCalendarMonthViewProvider interface, which can provide a MAFCalendarMonthViewTile typed object for each days via the getMonthTileView(Day dayInfo) method. If the interface method returns null, MAF uses the default tile for drawing the cell view for that day.

The following sample returns a custom tile, the MyMAFCalendarMonthViewTile object instance, for Christmas holidays, that is, for the 24th , 25th , 26th of December each year:
class MyViewProvider implements IMAFCalendarMonthViewProvider {

	public MAFCalendarMonthViewTile getMonthTileView(Date dayInfo) {

		Calendar calendar = new GregorianCalendar();
		int year = calendar.get(Calendar.YEAR);
		int month = calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH);
		int day = calendar.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH);

		MAFCalendarMonthViewTile retView = null;
		if (month == 11 && (day == 24 || day == 25 || day == 26)) {
			// custom view is created for the selected days
			retView = 
new MyMAFCalendarMonthViewTile(MonthViewActivity.this);
		return retView;

	public MAFCalendarMonthViewTile getMonthTileView(MAFDayInfo dayInfo) {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		return null;

class MyMAFCalendarMonthViewTile extends MAFCalendarMonthViewTile {

	public MyMAFCalendarMonthViewTile(Context context) {

	public void draw(Canvas canvas) {

		InputStream is = 
		Bitmap myBitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeStream(is);  
		Bitmap myScaledBitmap = Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(myBitmap, 
getWidth()-15, getHeight()-10, false);
		canvas.drawBitmap(myScaledBitmap, 20, 15, null);     
In the above code there are two class definitions.

The first one is the view provider class that specifies what tile to use for what days. The numbering of months begins with zero, and the day of month returns the number of the day in the given month.

The second class is the view tile class definition that represents a cell of the month view, and it describes what to draw and how to position the holiday icon bitmap. This is the result for the example:

Skinned Month View

To customize the MAF Calendar list view and day view, implment the IMAFCalendarListViewProvider and IMAFCalendarDayViewProvider interfaces, and extend the MAFCaelndarListCellView/MAFCalendarListHeaderView, MAFAppointmentView classes to define your own, custom appereance.

Using the Skin Manager

Use the MAF Skinning MEchanism to modify the appearance of the Calendar without changing the source code. You can change colors, font sizes, add borders and paddings, and so on.

You can skin UI elements and their subviews (for example, list cells) with MAFSkinManager/MAFColorPalette facilities based on a list of accessible parameters.

These are the skinnable properties of the controls that you can adjust in the styles XML:

List View

Header_Background Header cell (day)
Header_Day_Label_Color Header cell (day)
Header_Date_Label_Color Header cell (day)
Header_Expander_Color Header cell (day)
HeaderCurrentDay_Background Header cell (current day)
HeaderCurrentDay_Day_Label_Color Header cell (current day)
HeaderCurrentDay_Date_Label_Color Header cell (current day)
HeaderCurrentDay_Expander_Color Header cell (current day)
Cell_Background Appointment Cell
Cell_Hour_Label_Color Appointment Cell
Cell_Period_Label_Color Appointment Cell
Cell_Title_Label_Color Appointment Cell
Cell_Location_Label_Color Appointment Cell
Cell_Selection_Color Selected cell

Skinning Options - List View

Number on Figure Element
1 Cell (selected)
2 Appointment cell
3 Header cell (day)
4 Header cell (current day)
5 Fading color

Month View

DayTileExtra_Background DayTileExtra
Navigation_Background Navigation
Navigation_Month_Label_Color Navigation
Navigation_Arrow_Color Navigation
DayTile_Day_Label_Color DayTile
DayTile_DayWithApp_Label_Color DayTile
DayTile_Day_Label_Background DayTile
WeekDayHeader_Label_Color WeekDayHeader
WeekDayHeader_Label_Background WeekDayHeader
WeekNumber_Label_Color WeekNumber
DayTile_Background DayTile (selected)
DayTile_Day_Label_Color DayTile (selected)
DayTile_DayWithApp_Label_Color DayTile (selected)
WeekDayHeader_Label_Background WeekDayHeader (selected)
WeekDayHeader_Label_Color WeekDayHeader (selected)

Combo View Skinning Options

1 Navigation
2 WeekDayHeader
3 WeekDayHeader (selected)
4 DayTile
5 DayTile (selected)
6 DayTileExtra