Day View

The MAFAppointmentView displays appointments scheduled in a day in a panel style. Each appointment appears as a colored panel (MAFAppointmentView), which shows the appointment title and the location.

This is the only calendar view with editorial interface where you can modify, delete, or create appointments:
  • You can select an appointment by tapping it once (red border appears around the panel).
  • You can select an appointment and move it up and down using a tap and hold gesture.
  • You can resize an appointment by selecting it, then dragging the upper and lower edges of the panel.

The IMAFAppointmentListener communicates the changes to the application. This figure shows the default look of the control:

Day View

To create the control, embed this code into the layout XML:

Implement the IMAFAppointmentListener interface to modify appointments.

Implement the IMAFCalendarDayViewListener interface to subscribe to user selections.

For the complete list of public API setter, getter, and modifier methods for the MAFCalendarDayView class, see the API reference.