Month View

The MAFCalendarMonthView displays appointments in a grid view, where each cell represents a day with its appointments, if any.

There is a header for each day of the week, the current month and year, and a column for the number of weeks separated from the day cells. You can change the month by tapping the arrows. Upon a month change the calendar control updates its days/dates corresponding to the selected month and year.

The embedding application is notified (IMAFCalendarMonthViewSelectionListener) when the month is changed and when the user picks a day. Day cells with appointments indicate the color of the MAFCalendar instances the appointments belong to. This figure shows the default month view control, but you can reskin it or customize some of its views.

Month View

Initializing the Control

To create the control, embed this code into the layout XML:

To get notifications about user interaction, implement the IMAFCalendarMonthViewSelectionListener interface.

For the complete list of public API setter, getter, and modifier methods for the MAFCalendarMonthView class, see the API reference.