MAFCurrencyFormatter formats currency values according to country ISO code.

It is the combination of a numeric (amount) and a textual (currency code) element. Formatted numerical values are delimited by colons or periods, depending on the ISO code, and the currency symbol (if any); or its alphabetical code is prefixed to the digits.

Formatting rules are defined in a currencyformats.xml file. Supported currencies are defined in this file in this format:
To use the MAFCurrencyFormatter with predefined currencies, implement this code:
MAFCurrencyFormatter currencyFormatter;
currencyFormatter = MAFCurrencyFormatter.getInstance(context);
To use custom currency formatting with a custom XML file, call this method:
currencyFormatter.initWithCustomXML(InputStream iStream);
For the method details of the MAFCurrencyFormatter, see its API documentation.