Logon Configuration Options

MAF Logon provides a default value-based configuration through the LogonUIFacade.

Set default logon values, including: SAP Mobile Platform Server ports, URL, server farm ID, and so on, using code similar to this:
private void setDefaultFieldValues() { 
   SharedPreferenceKeys.PREFERENCE_ID_SUPSERVERPORT.toString(), "<HTTP_PORT>"); 
   SharedPreferenceKeys.PREFERENCE_ID_SUPSERVERURL.toString(), "<HOSTNAME>");
   SharedPreferenceKeys.PREFERENCE_ID_SUPSERVERFARMID.toString(), "<FARM_ID>"); 
   SharedPreferenceKeys.PREFERENCE_ID_URLSUFFIX.toString(), "<REVERSE_PROXY_SUFFIX>"); 
   logonUIFacade.setDefaultValue(SharedPreferenceKeys.PREFERENCE_ID_SECCONFIG.toString(), "<SECURITY_CONFIGURATION>");
Use these keys to set default values for the individual input fields:
Key Value type Description Default value
PREFERENCE_ID_SUPSERVERURL String Server host name without protocol or port or suffixes EMPTY
PREFERENCE_ID_HTTPSSTATUS String Whether to use secure channel false
PREFERENCE_ID_SUPSERVERDOMAIN String The default domain to use. Only used when an SAP Mobile Platform Server is present. The domain separation should be supported by the used SAP Mobile Platform Server. default
PREFERENCE_ID_SUPSERVERFARMID String The default farm ID name to be used if a Relay server is included. 0
PREFERENCE_ID_SECCONFIG String The default security configuration name to use. EMPTY
PREFERENCE_ID_GATEWAYCLIENT String The default sap-client to be used when communicating with the Gateway. EMPTY
PREFERENCE_ID_PINGPATH String The default Gateway ping path to be used. sap/bc/ping
PREFERENCE_ID_URLSUFFIX String The default path to be used for routing through the reverse proxy if any exists. EMPTY
PREFERENCE_ID_USERNAME String The default Gateway username to be used. EMPTY