MAF Tree View

The MAFTreeView component is a graphical control for presenting and editing hierarchical data structures. It provides basic wrapper objects for mapping your hierarchical data into a format that is compatible with an MAF tree view. The wrapper objects also specify linking among the data items, that is, you can use the wrapper objects to define the hierarchical relations of the items you add to the tree view.

The component builds on the MAF reusable simple controls, and is skinnable. Customization of the component’s user interface elements and subviews is dynamic, even at application runtime. MAFTreeView enables device users to:
  • Navigate through hierarchical data, for example a file system with folders and files, or an organizational structure.
  • Select elements that are on the same hierarchical level and do not contain lower-level child entries.
  • Execute different predefined actions on the selected elements. A maximum of three different actions are supported.