Application Configuration Profile Project

Application Configuration Profile projects include configuration details and resources for Mobile Application Framework (MAF)-based applications. The rules governing validation and application layouts may vary according to the version-specific characteristics of the MAF.

Manifest and Runtime Version

The core information about an Application Configuration Profile (ACP) project is described in the META-INF\MANIFEST.MF file. Its format follows the conventions of standard Java manifest files. In addition to standard attributes, you can define these special attributes in the file:
Attribute Description
Customization-Resource-Bundle-Name Name of the ACP project as a customization resource bundle, used by SAP Mobile Platform.
Customization-Resource-Bundle-Version ACP version number, used by SAP Mobile Platform.

MAF version number for which the ACP project is created. It affects how Mobile Application Workbench (MAW) interprets the configuration within the given ACP project. If the value of this attribute changes, MAW reconfigures the project to enable or disable features, and to validate the project against the rules applicable to the newly specified version.

Changing the version number does not trigger MAW to automatically migrate the ACP project from one MAF runtime version to another. MAW reports the problems that must be resolved to comply with the rules and constraints of the specified version.

Folder Structure

The folders in an ACP project are:
Folder Platforms Folder Contents
ext All External artifacts, custom resources, and various types of files and subfolders. MAF APIs can access the contents of this folder at runtime.
img All Images that are not dependent on platform, screen size, or density.
img/android Android DPI-independent Android-specific images.
img/android/hdpi Android Android-specific HDPI images.
img/android/ldpi Android Android-specific LDPI images.
img/android/mdpi Android Android-specific MDPI images.
img/android/xhdpi Android Android-specific XHDPI images.
img/ios iOS Device-independent iOS images.
img/ios/ipad iOS iPad-specific images.
img/ios/iphone iOS iPhone-specific images.
phone All Top-level folder for phone-specific configurations. It can contain only the subfolders that are listed below.
phone/bindings All Binding configurations for phones.
phone/tileContainers All Tile container configurations for phones.
phone/tiles All Tile layout configurations for phones.
string All Localized text files.
styles All Style files for customizing appearances.
tablet All Top-level folder for tablet-specific configurations. Must contain only the subfolders listed below.
tablet/bindings All Binding configurations for tablets.
tablet/tileContainers All Tile container configurations for tablets.
tablet/tiles All Tile layout configurations for tablets.
demo All Demo data. Must contain only the subfolders listed below.
demo/android Android Demo data for the Android platform.
demo/ios iOS Demo data for the iOS platform.

Mobile Application Workbench does not allow deviations from the folder structure described in the table; differences result in validation errors that prevent the ACP project from exporting.