Mobile Application Workbench

The Mobile Application Workbench (MAW) lets you  customize mobile applications that you build using Mobile Application Framework (MAF). You can change SAP-supplied configurations (also called application metadata), package the changes, and deploy them to the SAP Mobile Platform. Packages are provisioned to mobile applications that have subscribed to change notifications.

Use SAP Mobile Application Workbench to:
  • View the complete application metadata
  • Add customer extensions
  • Provision customer extensions and customer branding without changing code
SAP Mobile Application Workbench helps you create cross-platform configurations that mobile applications can consume by using MAF. By using the editors, wizards and views you can:
  • Define screen layouts
  • Configure styles to control the look and feel
  • Enable your application for multiple languages via localized text files, and so on.

You can use Mobile Application Workbench to generate a set of configuration files called an Application Configuration Profile (ACP), which includes layouts, styles, images, language texts, and other application-related files. ACPs are used in the mobile application runtime environment.