MAFUIProgressView extends the native UIProgressView class with MAF styling capability using the MAFStyling protocol.

The differences (colors and shadows) between the native and the SAP-style-based controls are shown here:

Comparison of Native and MAF Progress View Controls

Figure 9: Comparison of Native and MAF Progress View Controls
To create MAFUIProgressView with the default SAP style and add it to the view of your ViewController, use:
UIProgressView* progressview = [[UIProgressView alloc]initWithFrame:CGRectMake(10, 35, 200, 40)];
progressview.progress = 0.5f;
[self.view addSubview:progressview];
[progressview release];
As with MAFUISlider, you can skin this control by using tint colors:
<Style Key="LightProgressBar" TargetType="ProgressView" platform="ios">
        <Setter Property="progressTintColor" Value="#DDDDDD"/>
        <Setter Property="trackTintColor" Value="#666666"/>
To change the default SAP style to your custom style, set the mafStyleName property to the key value of your custom style:
    progressview.mafStyleName = @"LightProgressBar";
You can change these properties in the skinning XML:
progressTintColor The color of the filled portion of the progress bar. Colors are defined as RGBA (red, green, blue, alpha).
trackTintColor The color of the empty portion of the progress.