Getting Started

MAF includes libraries, bundles, and header files, which ship together as logical components, such as onboarding or simple controls.

MAF libraries are installed with the SAP Mobile Platform installer. For more information, see the Installation Guide. When you have downloaded and installed all the necessary components, you can start creating and configuring your Xcode project. The documentation for using each MAF component includes the SAP Mobile Platform and iOS framework dependencies you must include and configure in your Xcode project.


Skinning: changing the appearance of native UIViews.

Reusable control: a control that needs to be built, configured, skinned, and is often used by mobile application developers.

Simple control: a control with a single UI interface that catches events triggered by the user. For example, button, label, and inputtext are all simple controls.

Complex control: built from simple controls, complex controls use different areas of the UI that can react to different user interactions with different actions. For example, the calendar control uses a portion of the full screen to build the calendar views from simple MAF controls.