MAF Configuration Provisioning

SAP mobile applications are delivered with a default skin. You can change skinning parameters at runtime without recompiling the mobile application from the source. The skinning is based on metadata in an XML file. You must upload the styling content to the SAP Mobile Platform Server that manages the application. Mobile applications also ship with a default structural configuration. As well as skinning, you can also structurally extend applications based on a metadata description.

Configure applications using an Application Configuration Profile (ACP), which is a set of files that include layout, style, localized files, and images. Each mobile application has one ACP. The SAP mobile application workbench can generate the ACP package.

Configuration Provisioning

For more information on the contents of each of the files, see the MAF XSD documentation on the SAP Help Portal and the Mobile Application Workbench User Guide.

On-Premise SAP Mobile Platform Server

If you are using an on-premise version of SAP Mobile Platform Server, use the cockpit to upload and assign ACP bundles to your application. For more information, see the SAP Mobile Platform documentation: Navigate to Start of the navigation path Administer Next navigation step Applications Next navigation step Defining Applications Next navigation step Application Customization Resource Bundles End of the navigation path.

Cloud SAP Mobile Platform Server

You can provision ACP bundles using the cloud version of SAP Mobile Platform.