Demo Data Provisioned via ACP

Customers can provision their own offline demo data set.

The Extensibility Framework uses custom demo data when it is available, instead of relying on the offline data set that is statically bundled with the application. This diagram demonstrates the logic for offline demo data handling:

Offline Demo Data Handling

Package the required XMLs in the Application Configuration Profile (ACP), and place them in a dedicated demo/ios subdirectory.

ACP Folder Structure

  • tiles
  • styles
  • img
    • ios
      • iphone
      • ipad
    • android
      • ldpi
      • mdpi
      • hdpi
      • xhdpi
  • strings
  • ext
  • demo (this folder contains offline data used by the application in demo mode)
    • ios
    • android

The offline demo data structure and content provisioned via the ACP must match the structure that is bundled with the application. This means that the offline file names, the bundle name, and the directory name inside the bundle (if any) must be identical.