Adding and Accessing Localized Texts

Adding localized texts to your app using MAF is the same as for any native device application development environment.


Adding MAF Extensibility or Reusable components to your projects does not interfere with managing native localizable strings on iOS. Rather, it enables the customer to manage all, or a subset of the localizable strings, without recompiling the app.

To localize string resources, use native localization files by maintaining your Localizable.strings files. Add your keys and the corresponding translatable strings. MAF Extensibility supports keys that contain spaces. Include all translated files in your application project.

SAP-translation process relevant steps:


  1. Use the converter to convert the native localization files into XLIFF files.
  2. Upload the translation files to the translation system.
  3. Download the translated files.
  4. Convert from XLIFF to the native localization file.
  5. Include all translated files in your application project.