Agentry OpenUI API

The Agentry OpenUI API is the interface for developing custom controls in the Agentry Client. Review the concepts and general procedure, then use the OpenUI API for your target platform.

The Agentry Toolkit installation includes ZIP files that contain the OpenUI API components for each supported platform, which are, by default, located in <SDK_HOME>\AgentryToolkit\OpenUISDK. Supported platforms include Android, iOS, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). You can use this API to create custom controls using the native language (Objective C, Java, Visual Basic, C#, and so on) of the target device client, and to display those controls on the detail screens of the mobile application.

The API enables you to override and display a custom control for any detail screen field edit type in the Agentry Client. The API supports communication between the control and the client, including information about changes to the underlying field, data capture in the custom control, and other similar interactions.

Before starting, be sure to follow setup instructions for the native development platform.