Agentry Test Environment Cannot Load File or Assembly


When trying to start a Windows client in the integrated Agentry Test Environment, the attempt fails with an error.
Could not load file or assembly

This can happen if you attempt to open a 32-bit application in Agentry Test Environment, which is a 64-bit application. This might be the case if the application is built with OpenUI/CustomControls DLL.


Build the OpenUI/CustomControls DLL for Any CPU (or specifically for 64-bit) so you can test the client in the integrated Agentry test environment. You also need to copy the assembly into the CustomControls folder of the Agentry Editor (Eclipse) installation for testing the client in the integrated Agentry test environment, as described in Developer > Agentry App Development > Setting Up the Development Environment for Agentry Toolkit > Agentry OpenUI for Windows Set Up Information.