Custom Component Setup Information

Add custom components, such as Open GPS, to test, customize, and extend native functionality.

You can create a third-party custom assembly to implement a custom GPS provider for the Agentry .NET client. If a custom assembly is available, Agentry .NET client uses it; otherwise, Agentry .NET client defaults to the native provider. A new Open GPS sample is provided in the source code.

  1. In the Agentry client installation folder, create a folder named OpenGPS:


  2. In the SDK build directory, navigate to: AgentryToolkit\AgentryOpenUISDK\.

  3. Locate the SMP Agentry Client Framework ZIP file, Agentry<x.xx>, and copy the file to your computer.
  4. In the Agentry<x.xx> file, locate the SampleOpenGPS.dll artifact.

  5. Save the SampleOpenGPS.dll file in the <Agentry_client_installation_path>/OpenGPS folder.

  6. See the source code for details about the Open GPS sample.