Adding References for a Windows Store Project

Add references for Windows Store project, which is applicable to both Windows Store applications and Windows desktop applications.


  1. Create a new Windows Store Universal project by clicking the New Project link. Enter a name for the project.
  2. To add references to the Windows project, right-click References and select Manage NuGet Packages.
  3. Select the package source (Windows SAP Mobile Platform SDK) in the left pane that you created previously. Select the package (SAP.Data.OData.Online, SAP.Logon.Core) that you need to add as a reference and click Install.
    The NuGet Package Manager installs all dependent packages for you automatically. In addition, the proper package for the specified platform is installed.
  4. Add references to the Microsoft OData library packages, by adding the packages directly from the NuGet gallery. Click on the left pane and search for ODataLib. From the Search Results, install the package ODataLib for OData v1-3 (The version is 5.6.2).
    This installs all the dependent packages.
  5. Click I accept to follow the prompts to install the packages.
  6. Add the references to the Windows 8.1 Phone project by following steps 3 through 5.