supportsOkTransition() method

Support OK transition.

public boolean supportsOkTransition ()


whether transition OK is supported or not


If true, the OK transition drop down list will be displayed in the state editor. The drop down list contains all the valid follow-up states. By default, this method returns true

Subclass has the option to turn it off by override this method. Let's say, for example, the menu displays the wallet entries list consisting of various types of payment instruments (PI). When a menu item is selected, it will be convenient to know the selected PI type as well so that the follow-up state can process it accordingly. For example, if the selected PI is SVA then the transition will be wired to the get SVA details follow-up state.

The above example can be accomplished by overide this method to false, so that OK transition is not displayed on the state editor. In the subclass implementation, the OK transition is supported using the continueDyn() instead. For example, if the PI is SVA, the state will return continueDyn("SVA"), etc.

<u>NOTE</u>: if subclass override this method, most likely, it should also override the continueWhenSingleEntry(SmappState) method.