processStateLogic(SmappStateProcessingContext, SmappStateProcessingAction) method

Contains the actual processing logic for constructing the menu list.

protected final SmappState processStateLogic (
    SmappStateProcessingContext context,
    SmappStateProcessingAction action
) throws MwizProcessingException, DBException


  • context processing engine context; should be used to obtain context information but should NOT be modified.


follow-up transition


  • MwizProcessingException processing engine exception
  • DBException Exception when accessing or saving the session variable from database


The following methods will be called:
  • init(SmappStateProcessingAction) - for initialization and getting the menu items from the source
  • constructMenuList() - for getting the formatted menu list in key-value pair form

If the constructMenuList() returns a list containing a single item only, the saveSessionVariables(String, String) will be called and the method will return with the follow-up transition (SmappState) from the continueWhenSingleEntry(SmappState). Otherwise, the constructed SMS menu message will be sent out.

Intentionally made final so that it cannot be override.