Attribute class

Attribute is the super abstract class that is extended by both the InputAttribute and OutputAttribute.


public class Attribute implements IAttribute

Implemented interfaces


All members of Attribute, including inherited members.

Modifier and Type Variable Description
protected String id Unique Id of the attribute. Used as a default session variable name.
protected String description Description that will be displayed on the state editor for user consumption.
Modifier and Type Constructor Description
public Attribute(String, String) Default value (if provided)
Modifier and Type Method Description
protected SmappStateProcessingContext getContext() Sets the processing engine context.
public String getDescription() Detailed description of the attribute.
public String getId() Attribute Id.
public String getText() The text that was entered in the input field on the state editor.
public void setContext(SmappStateProcessingContext) Sets the processing engine context.
public void setDescription(String) Detailed description of the attribute.
public void setId(String) Attribute Id.


This class encapsulates the basic fields of an attribute, and provide the get/set methods. Attribute(s) are used in the state implementation to represent input and output attributes.

In addition, Attribute holds the state processing context that is used, for example, to access or store the attribute value as a session variable in the datasource so that it is durable across session. The state processing context is assigned to the attribute by the processing engine during initialization of the state using the setContext(SmappStateProcessingContext) method. Hence, this method is reserved to be used only by the processing engine.

NOTE: Attributes that are used in the same states must have unique ids.