SmappStateProcessingAction class

This class is used by the state or StatePlugin to communicate to the "<b>Processing Engine</b>" on the requested follow-up transition.


public class SmappStateProcessingAction


All members of SmappStateProcessingAction, including inherited members.

Modifier and Type Constructor Description
public SmappStateProcessingAction(SmappState)  
Modifier and Type Method Description
public void continueProcessing(SmappState) Normal processing action, or continue the application flow to the specified follow-up state (i.e., provided by the input parameter).
public SmappState getContinueState()  
public boolean isContinueProcessing() Current suggested action is to continue processing.
public boolean isTerminateProcessing() Current suggested action is to terminate the processing.
public boolean isWaitProcessing() Current suggested action is to wait processing.
public void terminateProcessing() Suggesting to the processing engine to terminate the application flow when it's appropriate.
public void waitForMessage() Processing should be temporarily paused to wait for additional incoming trigger.


The processing engine treats the requested follow-up transition as a suggestion, and executes it when appropriate.

Currently, the processing engine supports three actions: continue, wait, and terminate.

This SmappStateProcessingAction is passed by the processing engine to the state as an input parameter to the StatePlugin#processState(SmappStateProcessingContext, SmappStateProcessingAction) method, that is custom implemented by each state. At the end of this method, the implementation need to use the provided SmappStateProcessingAction to call one of the provided methods. Otherwise, the processing engine will automatically terminate the application flow.