OpenUI Installation Instructions (iOS)

As part of OpenUI, the iOS client has been made into a pseudo framework that contains a statically linked library that application designers can use to create an Xcode project, and build custom field adapters.

A sample prepackaged Xcode project, which is ready to accept field extensions, is also provided with the library for ease of use, and prototyping extensions.


The resources for OpenUI are delivered as a framework for iOS. Apple does not currently support the proper creation of dynamic frameworks, therefore, the library in the OpenUI framework is intended to be statically linked into user's applications. This library and the resources that are provided with the framework contain all the functionality of the iOS Agentry Client. The framework is packaged as a TGZ file named in the format SMPAgentryClientFramework-iOS-<W.X.Y.Z>.tgz (where <W.X.Y.Z> is the current Agentry version). It has the following directory structure:
- `SMPAgentryClientFramework/`
	- `iOS/`
		- `SMPAgentryClient.framework/`
			- `Headers@ -> Versions/Current/Headers`
			- `Resources@ -> Versions/Current/Resources`
			- `MPAgentryClient@ -> Versions/Current/SMPAgentryClient`
			- `Versions/`
				- `Current@ -> W.X.Y.Z`
				- `W.X.Y.Z/`
					- `Headers/`
						- `SMPOpenUI/`    _The headers needed for adapters and models of SMPOpenUI_
						- `SMPDataAPI/`    _The headers needed for SMPDataAPI_
					- `Resources/`
						- `SMPAgentryClientResources.bundle`    _The resource (images, sounds, etc...) needed for Agentry_
					- `SMPAgentryClient*`    _The static library containing the iOS Agentry Client code_
		- `Samples/`    _Xcode sample projects are here, see section below for more details. These are tested with Xcode 6.0_
			- `SMPAgentryClientFrameworkDemo/`
			- `SMPAgentryClientFrameworkSetup/`
		- `SampleApp/` _The sample application Agentry definitions_
			- `OpenUI-app.agxz` _The definitions for the sample App exported from the Agentry Editor_
			- `OpenUIPlayersDB.txt` _The sample data in SQL query format ready to populate a sample database_

Static Library

The framework static library includes slices for architectures armv7 and arm64, as well as i386, allowing your applications to be tested both in the simulator and on devices.