Installing the Windows SDK Directly From Visual Studio

Install the Windows SDK from Visual Studio version 2013, 2015, or 2017.


Developers targeting the Windows platform can install the SAP Mobile Platform Windows SDK directly from Visual Studio 2013, 2015, or 2017 as an alternative to the regular installation program.


  1. From Visual Studio go to Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Extensions and Updates End of the navigation path and enter "SAP SMP" in the search field to get a list of the available SAP SDKs:

  2. Select SMP SDK for Windows and click Download. A browser window opens and loads the site. Accept the license to start the Windows SMP SDK installer (approx. 22MB) download.
  3. Select from these SAP Windows SMP SDK options to install:
    • NuGet Packages - installs the core SMP libraries that are required to onboard devices and access business data.
    • Business Application project template for C# - installs a C# project template with a wizard to facilitate implementation of the application's technical tasks, which allows the application developer to focus on implementing the business logic of the application.
    • Fiori Packager Extension - develop custom Fiori mobile applications using the packager extension for Microsoft Visual Studio. The packager extension allows Visual Studio to fetch application content (source, assets) from front-end server and integrate with an existing Cordova application.
    • Custom Fiori Client project template - Installs a JavaScript project template that can be used to create a Custom Fiori Client project in Visual Studio.