Supportability for Windows

The SAP Mobile Platform SDK provides a set of features and APIs (collectively referred to as supportability) that captures errors, traces and logs events, then uploads this information to SAP Mobile Platform Server or SAP Cloud Platform mobile service for development and operations, where it can be analyzed from the cockpit.

Supportability provides clear separation between management and consumer interfaces, and a level of abstraction on top of the logger and end-to-end trace components.

Define client log and trace policies in the administrator cockpit. For detailed information see Managing Application Logs and Traces (for SAP Mobile Platform Server) or Application Log and Trace Files (for SAP Cloud Platform mobile service for development and operations).

  • Enabling devices to upload logs to the server devices do not upload their logs and traces to the server by default. The server administrator must first enable log and trace retrieval from within the administration cockpit for each device.
  • Enabling end-to-end tracing on the server the administrator must enable end-to-end tracing on the server from within the administration cockpit.